Balsa Block

Our Balsa wood blocks are kiln dried, manufactured at different lengths and thicknesses with random widths. We classify our blocks into different qualities and densities.

Balsa blocks ideal for modelling sold in a range of sizes, to suit your modelling needs. All blocks come in a length like your request.

All of our Balsa is plantation grown and harvested in around four years, making it one of the most environmentally friendly woods available. Commonly used for models, core materials, Endgrain Panels, aircraft kits, film props, wind turbine, boat, decorated, and surfboards, etch.

Our Balsa Blocks

We select quality balsa timbers to manufacture your blocks and maintain rigid quality standards to ensure the integrity of your final product.

Balsa Blocks to suit almost any project. Large or small, thin or wide, you’re likely to find a size that will suit the project you’re working on.

Balsa wood timbers are manufactured by cutting the raw balsa wood into different sizes of timber for many needs. The timbers are used as raw material for a variety of products.

Available Models


If you need balsa blocks Please send us Email , write all information about size, density, quality, quantity and your detail address for shipping.

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